Storage Containers for Rent

We have provided storage container rental services since 1977. We convert this experience into value by helping customers evaluate their needs and find the right solution for their project.

We serve Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Phoenix and we have built a proud reputation on true customer service and fast, reliable delivery.

At Your Site

We provide ISO grade storage containers, aluminum trailers and container offices for rent. We rent refurbished units. This means the rental units are reconditioned, repainted and weatherproofed to provide a professional look.

At Our Site

You can rent a unit for storage at one of our locations. This is a perfect solution for those that do not have space or have zoning restrictions. Customers can select from 20 and 40 foot containers or 40 and 45 foot tailers. This is how it works:

  1. We drop off the unit at your location
  2. You load the container and call us for pickup
  3. We deliver the unit back to our location for storage
  4. You contact us and we deliver the unit back to your location
  5. Finally, we pickup the container after you are finished unloading

Residential Needs

Storage containers for rent are affordable and convenient tools for solving residential needs. The convenience of loading a unit at your site means you do not need to rent a truck or unload the items at a self-storage location. Click the link to learn more about the pros and cons of residential storage solutions and common applications.

See How it Works

Delivery Details

We provide some of the fastest and most flexible delivery schedules in the industry. Simply define when and where you’d like the container to be delivered and our team will take care of the rest. We can accommodate weekend deliveries. Please see our FAQ’s for specific delivery details.

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