Shipping Containers for Sale

As-Is Container

"As-Is" Condition

  • Used for multiple trips or purposes
  • Visible signs of wear and tear
  • May not be weather-proof
  • May have original manufacturer paint or logos
Refurbished Container


  • Reconditioned and painted to look like new
  • Very limited visible signs of use
  • Water, wind and dirt proof
  • Features a lock-box for additional security

There are many cases when buying a shipping container makes more sense than renting a unit. We provide steel containers for sale in a variety of sizes, conditions and locations. We can easily handle bulk orders and we quickly deliver to locations all over Southern California, Northern California, Arizona, and Minnesota.

We have a variety of shipping containers in our Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix and Minneapolis locations. The most common sizes are 40 foot and 20 foot lengths. We also have 10 foot, 24 foot and 28 foot sizes as well, however, these are not always available in each location. We also have “as-is” and refurbished units available.

Shipping Container Regional Availability

The pricing and availability will fluctuate with the international marketplace. This makes it difficult for any company to provide a reliable price quote online. Also, the availability of a given size is subject to change. Therefore, please email or call us in order to determine the current price for a given size and condition and if it is available in your location. You can also complete a quote request and we will contact you regarding the price and availability in your location.