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Should I Rent or Buy?

While we will happily sell you a container, we are primarily in the business of renting containers, so of course we think you should rent our units! Naturally this does not only benefit us, there are many good reasons to rent a storage container rather than buying one.

  1. Save your cash!
    The monthly rent is nominal. Put your hard earned money to work somewhere else!
  2. Your needs are temporary.
    On average, a container will pay for itself in 2.5 to 3 years. If you are unsure wether your needs will exceed that, rent!
  3. Convenience.
    It is not often that a container needs maintenance, but it does happen from time to time. If you are renting from us we take care of that at no cost to you.
  4. Plans change.
    We get calls every week from people that are desperate to find a place to put their privately owned storage container because, for a myriad of reasons, they cannot keep it there anymore. While we may be able to move their container at a private move rate (more expensive than the trucking costs of our rental fleet by the way), we cannot store private containers at our facilities.

We have found that for the majority of our customers renting is the best option for them. But, whatever you decide, give us a call so we can discuss your situation and needs and get you taken care of!

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