Santa Ana CA

Santa Ana is the most populated city of Orange County and it is the official seat of Orange County. Santa Ana’s prime location and climate make it a desirable living location, it is the fourth most densely populated city in the United States. We have seen the growth of Santa Ana first hand and have allocated storage containers in Santa Ana CA 92705 for over 30 years.

Dangerous Wind Patterns

Santa Ana is near the Santa Ana Mountains, and it shares a name with the Santa Ana winds. Santa Ana wind patterns blow dry, warm air from the great basin and the Mojave Desert through Southern California and Baja California in the fall season. These winds occur because of air pressure build up in the great basin, which is located in between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada. This wind creates a warmer atmosphere on the coast than in the inland desert areas during fall. The winds also cause larger waves on the Pacific.

Santa Anas are infamous for causing multiple wild fires in Southern California, living up to their title, “winds of Satan”. The largest of these wildfires is the Cedar Fire of 2003. This fire burned more than 280,000 acres, destroyed thousands of homes, and killed 15 people, making it the largest wildfire ever recorded in California. The Santa Ana’s also make it necesary to ensure that your portable storage containers in Santa Ana are wind-tight to protect from the elements.

Santa Ana officially became a city in 1886, and was deemed the County Seat of Orange County in 1889. Santa Ana has always been well connected to the rest of the coast, first by the Pacific Electric Railway, followed by the Santa Ana Freeway in 1953. During World War II many members of the U.S. Military were trained at the Santa Ana Army Air Base. This air base initiated an increase in population size after the war as veterans settled in the Orange County area with their families. We serve storage containers in Santa Ana from our Portable Storage Los Angeles location.

Santa Ana has been encouraging further development ever since then, and especially since the 1980’s. Portable Storage units played a key role in the development of Santa Ana and the surrounding area during this time. Westfield MainPlace Mall is a large retail location for residents, and has been prominent in the area since 1987.

Popular Downtown Area

Downtown is located just South of the MainPlace Mall, and contains shops, restaurants and entertainment. Downtown is a mixture of preserved historical buildings and modern federal buildings. The Santa Ana Civic Center and the Ronald Regan Federal Building and Courthouse are located in the downtown district. Another district of Santa Ana is the “Midtown” district, which holds many attractions, including the Discovery Science Center.

The Metro East area is mainly comprised of office buildings. During the time of commercial and residential real estate development, shipping containers in Santa Ana were key to the growth and progress. The South Coast Metro Area contains a highlighted shopping destination: South Coast Plaza.