Storage Container Rental Fontana

Fontana is a city in Southern California, located in the Inland Empire and in San Bernardino county. We have offered portable storage container rental in Fontana since 1977 in 92334, 92335, 92336 and 92337. The city began as a rural area in 1913 and remained rural until after World War Two.

Fontana’s economy is supported by large industrial companies, especially trucking-based companies. The large presence in logistics means that shipping containers are no stranger in the area. Large companies such as Sears, Target, Mercedes- Benz, and Home Shopping Network all have product distribution centers in Fontana. This makes their trucking and distribution plans easier. The Auto Club Speedway racetrack is just outside of Fontana, but when it attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the area for races, Fontana’s hotels and auto service stations benefit.

Fontana’s economy has also been supported by new housing development and shopping center business in the recent years. That is why the demand has been strong for portable storage container rental services in the area. Fontana has many shopping centers, including Summit Heights Gateway/ Falcon Ridge shopping center, and Palm Court. The “Miracle Mile” lies on the 210 freeway and contains many commercial businesses, including the official Fontana Auto Center.

In July 2008 the newly renovated Center Stage Theatre opened its doors for business. This theatre was originally constructed in 1937 in art deco style. Renovations began in 2004 after the Fontana City Council supplied $6,000,000 for the project. It is now a live dinner theatre where visitors can go for a fun night of entertainment.

The city of Fontana is very supportive of the arts. The Art Depot is a cultural arts facility in Fontana. It was originally a freight depot of the Pacific Electric Railway in 1915, now it is remodeled, and is next to the Helen Putnam Historical Plaza. There aren’t that many portable storage container rental services around however. Residents can take classes, participate in open studio activities, and attend special artistic events. Also, the Artist Showcase program introduces residents to local artists. A local artist is chosen to show his or her work in City Hall each quarter of the year. The artist is invited to a dinner with community, where he or she can give insight into their process. The artist also receives funding from the Fontana business community.

Fontana Park is the city’s second largest municipal park, it is located in the Northern portion of the city. The Jessie Turner Health and Fitness Community Center is in the park. Also in the park is an aquatic center, sports pavilion, dog park, playground, and skate- park. We can deliver units from our Portable Storage Los Angeles location in Ontario, California.