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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I Buy or Rent?

    The key question many customers have is “should I rent or buy?” The answer to this question is based on two factors: time and convenience. In most cases, you should consider buying if your storage needs exceed 20-24 months. At that point, it will be more cost effective to buy. The other factor to consider is convenience. It most sales situations, you are responsible for any ongoing maintenance for the unit. In a rental, we would provide services to maintain the integrity of the unit should it need repairs.
  • How much space is required for delivery?

    The amount of space required is minimal. For 20′ and 28′ portable storage containers, you will need approximately 55 feet of straight-line clearance. For a 40′ container, you will need approximately 100 feet of straight clearance. The width requirement is approximately 10 feet for all portable storage units.
  • How is the storage container delivered?

    We deliver the unit to your site using a tilt-bed trailer. The trailer is separate from the tractor. The driver will back in to the area, raise his trailer up approximately 15 feet in the air, then the container will slide off the back of the trailer onto the ground. The driver will need to pull straight out from under the unit.
  • Is any site preparation necessary?

    The only thing you need to worry about is that the surface is fairly level, smooth, and firm. We can deliver on dirt as long as it is not too soft. We can also deliver on cement, pavement, asphalt, gravel or grass.
  • How long will delivery take from the time of order?

    Normal delivery time can be as quick as two to five days providing you are not having any modifications done to the unit. If you need something sooner, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.
  • What type of payment is required upon delivery?

    For rentals, we collect the first month’s rent, plus delivery and pickup fees. For purchase, we collect the total sales price including delivery charge and sales tax. We accept personal or business checks, cash, Visa, American Express, Discover and Mastercard.
  • What type of modifications can you do to the portable storage containers?

    We can complete a variety of modifications including: adding extra doors, turbine vents, shelving holes or partitions, as well as cut the units down to custom sizes and cut spaces into the walls for windows, doors or other specific requests. However, some modifications may only be available for purchase orders only.
  • What if I want shelving?

    We can install flanges (shelf supports) to the storage units upon request. Flanges are threaded for 1″ piping. The customer is responsible for his or her own piping and shelving.
  • How is my lock protected?

    All of our refurbished shipping containers come equipped with a steel lock box welded to the outside of the unit. The lock box encloses, conceals and protects your lock from being tampered with.
  • How far will you deliver?

    We have locations in Southern and Northern California, Arizona and Minnesota. Please contact the Portable Storage location nearest you for more detailed information on deliveries.
  • Are the containers weatherproof?

    Yes. We water-test all of our portable storage units before they leave our delivery yard to be sure they do not leak. The units are completely enclosed and will keep wind and rain out so your contents stay dry and secure.
  • What if my container needs repair? will maintain the unit throughout the term of the rental period. If you need maintenance, simply give us a call and we will come out promptly. Regular maintenance repairs are free of charge.
  • What do people put in the containers?

    It will depend by customer. Businesses usually have more industrial, equipment and products. Residences have many everyday items that are just too big to have around the house.
  • What color are the storage containers?

    The containers are painted a neutral, beige color to blend in with your surroundings. We can also paint the units white or gray upon special request. Additionally, if you are purchasing the unit and require a specific color to match your building, you may provide the paint and we will paint that color.