Storage Containers – 20 Foot Refurbished


20 foot steel storage containers are one of the most popular sizes for portable storage units for on-site projects. The 20 foot unit is a used ISO grade shipping container that is reconditioned, repainted and modified to include a lock box that secures the lock. These water-tight and wind-proof units are identical to portable storage containers and are constructed of 14-Gauge steel. This provides reliable security and protection for your belongings. 20 foot units are delivered on either a flat-bed truck or a swing through truck which loads from the side. This makes the 20 footer an extremely convenient solution for a wide variety of on-site storage rental needs.

Storage Container Specifications

  • Length = 20 ft.
  • Height = 8.5 ft.
  • Width = 8 ft.
  • Weight = Approximately 5,000 lbs.
  • Material = 14 Gauge Steel
  • Flooring = 1 Inch Marine Hardwood Floors


We also have 20 foot steel storage containers in the “As-Is” condition. As-Is conditioned units are rented or sold as they appear and usually include the original paint and manufacturer logo. As-Is units also show visible signs of use. Despite the condition, these units are guaranteed to arrive to your location water-tight, weather-proof and secure.


The 20 foot portable storage units are available for rental orders but are not always offered for purchase. Please contact the Portable Storage location nearest you for an update on inventory and selection.

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